Afterlife- Celestial Habitat (HIV112)

Afterlife is Ryan McGill (Cliffsides) and Franklin Teagle (Cenote Glow), two Georgia natives currently residing in New York. They’ve put out some amazing tapes over the years but on this, their debut vinyl, they left no crevice of their past oeuvre unexplored while continuing to press onward and upward. Field recordings and percolating electronics merge into a rich tapestry of crystal clear transcendence, hitting you straight in the third eye. This is a portrait of two artists at the top of their game. While there’s certainly no shortage of synth jammers out there, these guys are operating in a world of their own and this album is a stunning testament to that fact. AFTERLIFE- Infinite Ceiling by Hooker Vision Black vinyl. Edition of 300. Mastered by Lawrence English.

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Pierrot Lunaire- Theme for Ascension and Eternal Love (HIV104)

Since we first introduced Pierrot Lunaire to the world, via his mind-altering masterpiece debut, Turn Back the Hands of Time, we felt it was only right to release his first work on vinyl as well. More of a miniature album than a single, this 7” is the total manifestation of Pierrot. Leading off with a sidelong sax and electronics slow burner, Lunaire guides you gently down the rabbit hole as disembodied vocals and junk oscillations begin to soar and collide around you like psilocybic fireworks. On the B side, we’re guided through a labyrinthian tapestry of cut-up waltzes and ballads. All the while, Lunaire croons maniacally; a mythic cosmic joker. Pierrot Lunaire- Hypnotique (excerpt) by Hooker Vision Translucent green vinyl with white and green label. Full color jackets with double-sided insert. Art by Grant Evans and John DeNizio. Edition of 200.

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Grant Evans- Lacerations c34 (HIV138)

Conceived with mostly acoustic instruments before being manipulated through magnetic tape and digital processes, Lacerations is a study of tension and contrasts. With material dating as far back as late 2012, Lacerations collects several shorter tape and computer music pieces.

Pro-dubbed edition of 100 tapes. Covers printed on heavy shimmer paper.

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