Monday, December 3, 2012

December 2012

Sparkling Wide Pressure- Pretending Eternal c38 (HIV127)

One of our favorite live performers, visual artists, and an all-around nice guy, Frank Baugh has always stood out as a true experimenter. With seemingly no effort, Frank deftly blends several disparate elements (krautrock, folk, musique concrète, post punk, etc) into one unmistakable amalgamation. Pretending Eternal is a deeply personal and affecting album that stands out in an already vast and flawless discography.

SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE- Learning a Name (excerpt) by Hooker Vision

Edition of 100

Digital Natives- The She of It c103 (HIV128)

Cataloging the recordings from his recent stay in Georgia, The She of It pulls together almost two hours of Digital Natives’ idiosyncratic take on sample-based psychedelia. Everything exists because of the dice.

DIGITAL NATIVES-Bonewash (excerpt) by Hooker Vision

Edition of 100

Coyote Image Classic- Coyote Image Classic c21+c14 (HIV129)

Taking on the form of the coyote, we find Quiet Evenings outside the synth ghetto. Twin meanderings. This is new night music.

COYOTE IMAGE CLASSIC- untitled (excerpt) by Hooker Vision

Edition of 100