Sunday, September 2, 2012

September 2012

Six new tapes are now available in the store.
(The six covers fit together, like a puzzle. So be sure to collect them all.)

Spectrum Tickets- Anyajegy c42 (HIV118)

905 Tapes head honcho, Mike Haley, takes a break from Wether and drops this collection of languid synth pieces under his newest guise, Spectrum Tickets. The synths on Anyajegy, far from the harsher zones of Wether, percolate nervously atop a bed of buzzing drones, adding a touch of paranoia to your mellow.

SPECTRUM TICKETS- untitled (excerpt)

Edition of 100.

Hobo Cubes/Komodo Haunts- Breathing/Atoll Phantasm c54 (HIV119)

The Hobo man is back again on Hooker Vision to put his fractured take on dub music. Spin this at the club and you’re bound to get your freaky ass thrown out. On the B side, British newcomer, Komodo Haunts, delivers a gentle set of cool, reflective beach zones. The comedown yin to Hobo Cubes’ yang party.

HOBO CUBES- Lazy In Heaven (excerpt)
KOMODO HAUNTS- Ode to Lodestone (excerpt)

Edition of 100.

The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact- My Hand Holding a Still Photograph of the Same Scene c64 (HIV120)

The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact is a four-piece from Denver, Colorado who turn a massive pile of communally manipulated pedals into a delicate wash of sound. Despite (or because of) the number of members, this crew is known for it’s subtlety. And despite the subtlety, the songs on MHHASPOTSS have a presence that only a group so tight-knit could create.


Edition of 100.

Geoffrey Sexton- 197 Black Pendulums/Athousand Rattlesnakes in the Trees c33 (HIV121)

With 197 Black Pendulums/Athousand Rattlesnakes In the Trees Geoffrey Sexton returns to Hooker Vision with a couple of nightmarishly titled tracks of equally mysterious prepared guitar work. Sexton is a master of creating dense, slow-paced visual pieces (Classroom Citizens) and he lends this gift expertly to his music.

GEOFFREY SEXTON- 197 Black Pendulums (excerpt)

Edition of 100.

Aphid Palisades- III c36 (HIV122)

Ryan Connolly (Sundrips, Fadeaway, etc.) and Lee Tindall (Belarisk, YDLMIER, etc.) push Aphid Palisades into increasingly loftier dimensions as they continue to develop their unique approach to sound. As evidenced on their previous two releases, there exists in their music a striking balance between harmony and chaos. Throughout III, the washes of pastoral bliss are anchored by soft bursts of welcome, never intrusive, noise.

APHID PALISADES- untitled (excerpt)

Edition of 100.

Digital Natives/Crippling- split c24 (HIV123)

Digital Natives, the new project of Housecraft main-man Jeffry Astin, continues to amaze even with a seemingly never-ending flow of new material. On this split, we have the pleasure of presenting the most disjointed, collage-like incarnation (so far) of this prolific experimenter. On the flip, Crippling (Grant Evans) crafts a no-fi sludge out of homemade records.

DIGITAL NATIVES- Manmichal & Leaves Out
CRIPPLING- Spirit Under Fluorescence (excerpt)

Edition of 100.