Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 2011

Brainworlds/Expo '70- Abnormal Vergence split (HIV097)

Brainworlds and Expo ’70 are two of the longest running sources of inspiration around Evans headquarters and it goes without saying that we’re beyond flattered to be able to release this epic pairing of the two. Taken from a live performance in Atlanta, Georgia (of which we were in attendance), these side-long improvisations are perfect examples of two absolute jammers doing what they do best.

Brainworlds- Labyrinthitis (excerpt) by Hooker Vision

Expo '70- Stepping Further Outside Petulance and Recurring Ambivalence (excerpt) by Hooker Vision

58 min solid blue, pro-dubbed cassette with silver imprint. Full color art by Grant. Edition of 100.


Mohave Triangles- Eternal Light of the Desert Plateaus (HIV098)

Embracing the next cycle, the cycle of the human being, Mohave Triangles soars with the knowledge of the elders. Pure white light reveals itself amidst the swirling chaos of a shaman’s brew of lush, meditative drones and hypnotic guitar patterns. “They say this is the hardest time to live but it’s also the greatest honor to be alive, to live and see this...”

Mohave Triangles- Eternal Light (excerpt) by Hooker Vision

32 min clear with gold liner, pro-dubbed cassette with black imprint. Full color art by Grant. Edition of 100.

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Nova Scotian Arms- Winds Over Silmäterä (HIV099)

After the cathartic recording process of Nova Scotian Arms’ debut LP, the slow moving drones of this double tape feel like the calm after the storm. Rhodes, chord organ, and synthesizer, recorded to tapes and tape loops are delicately arranged into over an hour and a half of sleepy nostalgia.

Nova Scotian Arms- Veil Hollow (excerpt) by Hooker Vision

2x 48 min solid grey, pro-dubbed cassettes with black imprint. Black and white art by Grant. Edition of 100.


Rambutan- Partial Wires (HIV101)

Rambutan, always eager to challenge the very idea of Rambutan, takes a slight sidestep from his usual modus operandi and offers a fresh new batch of digitized miniatures. These shorter pieces employ a playful sense of rhythm as ricocheting modular tones bubble and percolate like some lost and found library music gem.

Rambutan- New Swarm (excerpt) by Hooker Vision

30 min clear with royal blue liner, pro-dubbed cassette with white imprint. Full color art by Grant. Edition of 100.

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Reedbeds- Swells on High (HIV102)

Longtime fans of Reedbeds’ particular brand of hazy good vibes will instantly recognize this subtle masterpiece as a perfect wintry addition to an already extensive discography. New listeners will be equally rewarded as they sit back and allow the soft washes of guitar to smooth out any worries of the day.

Reedbeds- untitled (excerpt) by Hooker Vision

44 min solid white, pro-dubbed cassette with periwinkle imprint. Full color art by Grant. Edition of 100.

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Geoffrey Sexton- Night CIty Undertow (HIV103)

As a filmmaker and member of Tennessee weirdo collective, Horsehair Everywhere, Geoffrey Sexton has honed his ability to craft stirring environments, often unsettling in their dissonance yet warm and welcoming as they slowly reveal themselves to you. As a solo artist, Sexton makes splendid use of the treated guitar, hammering and bowing it in a quasi-religious frenzy.

Geoffrey Sexton- Faces of Labor (excerpt) by Hooker Vision

37 min solid black, pro-dubbed cassette with gold imprint. Full color art by Grant. Edition of 100.

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