Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nova Scotian Arms- Blackout Machine

Nova Scotian Arms- Blackout Machine (HIV034)

A1. Like Voices in a Space That is Absolutely Soundless
A2. My Eyes Were Full of Dirt
A3. Icy Diamonds of the First Frost
B1. Whores
B2. The Man Who Walks With Ghosts

"Warbles, watery warbles... I imagined snow, coldness, the winter. I closed my eyes, and let it flow within me... The sea animals, as they progress, grow, live and die. What becomes of the forgotten whales, the fish, the sponges and starfish. Where do they all go when they die? Underwater trumpets surround you, their glorious ring muffled by water... You are still stuck asking questions and feeling uncertain..."
-Panda Zimmer

All purchases include:
High quality j-card with front and inside artwork.
Hand-numbered insert.
Solid white C62 with label, housed in a black-backed case.
Free download of the entire album.

Limited to 10 copies.

$4 in person and $7 through the mail.

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Download it HERE.